• This olive oil packs all the natural flavors of butter with none of the trans fats and more heart-healthy omega-3s! Use it in any recipe to replace solid butter and treat your family to the benefits of olive oil.

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  • This delicate white artisan baslamic from Modena, Italy is blended with fresh ripe pineapple juice. This results in a golden vinegar which is both sweet and tart.Try blending with one of our artisan olive oils to create a uniquely delicious vinaigrette salad dressing! Try combining Teriyaki sauce to produce a tropical basting and marinade for chicken and shrimp.It also pairs marvelously with yogurts and fruits. Simply drizzle!
  • This selection from our Reserve Collection started as a traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, aged for years in oak casks. A savory fig reduction was then added to create a multifaceted blend of flavors with the sweet taste of figs perfectly complimenting the depth of the oak notes. This rich balsamic blend is perfect for braising short ribs, meat marinades, or adding a fresh new twist to cheese plates, vinaigrette dressings, fresh fruit, and creamy gelato. Simply drizzle! Click here for recipes using this product.
  • Our coconut infused white balsamic is great in a vinaigrette or other dressings used on green salads with citrus and citrus based sauces. Try using it with soy sauce, grated ginger and a bit of lemon juice as a dipping sauce for seared ahi or other firm fish. The uses are endless and give a unique tropical island flair to your dishes!
  • This reserve selection from Modena Italy is sure to please. Refined for a decade in wooden barrels, the result is a rich warm brown color and a thick, fluid consistency. The aroma is penetrating and persistent. With port and Madeira undertones, it is a Classic Artisan Balsamic taste.